Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The story of broke

Our tax dollars being extorted by lobbyist
Annie Leonard has put together a series of short, informative videos that call into question the rampant consumerism that is bankrupting the United States and destroying the environment.  Her most recent video "The story of broke", shares how this country is still spending vast sums of money on a 'dinosaur' economy.  Millions and billions of tax dollars are going to extravagant military expenses and subsidizing corporate farming, while providing loop holes for huge corporations.  Despite this uncontrolled spending, government leaders, heavily influenced by lobbyist, claim the country is broke,  and are so are reducing funding for education and inadequately subsidizing environmentally sustainable efforts.  It seems we need to radically shift our government spending habits and priorities.  Communicating with politicians and voting for those that share our values has never been more critical in order to change the tide that is bankrupting this nation.

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