Sunday, November 13, 2011

Building raised beds

I have a neighbor who had had some 2x6 pine boards he no longer needed after he put in a new floor in his garage.  I mentioned I was interested in building raised beds. He readily offered to give me the boards instead of throwing them out.

I had one of those math word problems on my hands, trying to figure out how to utilize these 2"x6"x6", 2"x6"x8" and 2"x6"x10"s in the construction of three raised beds.

After I did the math, it turned out I could make three raised beds of of 52" x 34" and 15" in height.  Some of the boards were painted white, others were untreated.  I treated them all with some stain that I purchased for $7.00 at Home Depot.  It had been returned, so was heavily discounted.

The only "major" expense thus far in this project was the purchase of two 4"x4"x 8' cedar posts for the corners.

I'm hoping to use the same successful mixture of soil, vermiculite, peat moss and horse manure that the 4-H used at their Victory Peace Garden, which I helped to launch earlier in the year.  That garden was also on a south facing slope.  It was very productive and almost weed free.  

It feels great to construct something useful out of largely recycled material.  It is both inexpensive plus helps the environment. A win, both for me and mother earth.  What's not to like about that?

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