Sunday, November 20, 2011

Minnesota State Cyclocross Championships

Beer in route
Race Official
Riding through sand pit
Second place finisher, CJ Faulkner

Elite men's champion, Jordan Cullen
Yesterday the state cyclocross championships were held at Bassett Creek Park.  I enjoyed watching and taking pictures at this annual event. Like last year, snow added to the adverse conditions of wind and cold.  The championships take place over much of the morning and afternoon, with races for varying levels of riders, both male and female.

The top tier of riders were on the course for an hour.  As you might imagine, theirs was a highly competitive race.  Despite the intensity, there was also a certain festive atmosphere.  A group of drummers was stationed at the top of a long stairway that the riders climbed, people gamely rang cow bells and dollars were placed at points on the course for the riders to pick up in route.  Some riders even sipped beer near the top of the stairway, provided by the cheering spectators.

Drum corps
The top riders didn't stop for beer or dollars.  They were all out to do their best and win if possible.  That is the price one pays for intense focus, there is no time for distraction along the way.  There is only one "winner", and to stand atop of the podium requires considerable discipline. Hats off to this year's winner, Jordan Cullen, who ironically hails from Hudson, Wisconsin.
Start of elite men's race

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