Thursday, November 17, 2011

Six word stories. What is yours?

I recently read about a six word story contest.  It is based on the classic short story Ernest Hemingway wrote, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Here is my crack at a few short stories.... 
  • Short cut. Easy street. Dead end.
  • Heavy lift. Bad back. Long rest.
  • Big gamble. Bad luck. Collection agency.
  • Lucky duck meets luckier hunter. Roasted.
  • Chestnuts meet an open fire. Toasted.
  • Global climate change. I’m feeling hot.
  • English major needed: must be parsimonious.
  • Ugly model learning trade isn’t pretty.
  • Weak leader meets strong opposition. Revolution!
  • Who me worry? Unemployment really stinks.
  • Hot start-up. Cold Economy. Fire sale.
  • "Economic recovery", unemployed need not apply.
  • Uninsured American has bad accident; homeless.
  • Smart aleck meets bad ass.  Ouch!
  • Trigger happy. Anger Issues.  Life sentence. 
  • Smell gas? Got a light? Intensive Care.
  • Big gambler with hot hand. Bingo!
  • Beware of the unknown. What’s that?
  • Eat, drink... be merry. What next?
Ideas for six word stories?  Post them in comments.

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