Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hooded Mergansers visit park

Double dating Hooded Mergansers... males first it appears
Couples dilemma... right or left?

It has been a pleasure to watch the Mergansers these past couple of weeks visit the pond at Bassett Creek Park.  They are on their migration south.  No doubt that when it gets just a bit cooler and the ice starts to stay on the pond, they'll be long gone.
Males Hooded Mergansers posturing in front of mallards
They are beautiful birds.  Much like the colorful Wood Ducks, they are also skittish around people.

They're big divers, and feed upon small fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects.


  1. Great photos - beautiful. Hooded mergansers are great. I like the way the males "puff up" their heads when displaying.

    Hooded mergansers pass through here and stay for a while, but haven't returned yet. Right now we are watching eagles start to gather to feast on the spawned out salmon coming down the Sooke River.

  2. Thanks Gregg. I continue to enjoy your blog, Not Buying Anything.