Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reflections on Andy Rooney the Curmudgeon

It was entertaining to read a story of the recently deceased news commentator Andy Rooney,  "America needs a new curmudgeon".  I must confess to being a long time fan of Mr Rooney's curmudgeonly commentaries.

In the spirit of Andy I would like add my own cantankerous reflection on daylight savings time....

Doesn't it bother you to have to go throughout the house and change your clocks twice a year to keep up with the changes for day light savings time?  We really don't save an hour of daylight by changing our clocks.  If that were the case wouldn't we be making these changes more frequently than twice yearly?

Though we don't actually "save" daylight, many of us do lose an hour each year "springing ahead" or "falling back" our various clocks on the walls, radios, stoves, microwaves and cars. And then there are watches and programmable thermostats we must also adjust. If you still have a VCR that needs programming, God help you, or better yet, a techno saavey teenager. Seems each of these devises have their own method of changing, so it can be a matter of relearning how to set these darn things every six months.  I don't know about you, but that's something I've come to dread.

So, I would humbly suggest we scrap this national daylight savings time plan and join Arizona and Hawaii with a standardized time year round across the nation.   If some people need to change their work schedules to be outside during the daylight hours, by all means, please alter their schedules, just  don't subject the rest of us to the pain of changing all of our clocks twice annually and all the frustration this involves.  I think that Andy Rooney would agree.

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