Monday, November 28, 2011

Exercise pill, how American is that?

There is an old joke frequently told about an obese person who vowed to do anything to lose weight, with the exception of only two things; diet and exercise.  While there are countless dieting related drugs, research is being done at the Mayo clinic to develop a drug that mimics the effects of exercise.  What a dream come true for many.  Just imagine, one set of pills for dieting and another for exercise!

While the initial intent is to make this drug available for people too weak to exercise, something tells me if it is effective it could be a hot seller for a nation struggling with an obesity epidemic.  The development of this exercise drug is partially described in an article "Mayo focuses on 'healthspan'".

As I've often lamented citizens of the US seem to primarily value things that are quick, easy and cheap.  The opportunity to pop a pill instead of exercising would hit on two out of these three values.

What an exercise pill won't do is to get one outside, breathing fresh air and listening to the birds sing.  An exercise pill also won't release the endorphins that comes with strenuous activity.  Of course, there just might be another pill to do that...
Minnesota Cyclocross Championship at Bassett Creek Park

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