Monday, June 6, 2011

Wood Duck chicks and cottonwood

Nine Wood Ducks on a log

On a weekend walk around Bassett Creek Park we came across a cluster of Wood Duck chicks resting on a log in the pond.

Wood Ducks don't generally like to be close to people, so it was a treat to see this grouping so near to the walking trail. Seems they were hanging out waiting for mama Wood Duck to reappear.

Faux snow, A.K.A.  cottonwood seeds on pond
Just down the shore I saw a scene on the pond that looked eerily like it would have in mid January.  Instead of frost however, the pond was topped with white cottonwood seeds.

There are a great many large cottonwood trees on the south end of the park.  They love the  moist soil.  I enjoy the shade and beauty of these beautiful large trees.  The only down side is during this time of year when the seeds tend to clog up our window screens.

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