Sunday, June 12, 2011

Global climate strange

Roses shining through misty morning
Misty morning roses
    I was dumbfounded to read a New York Times article "Whats to be done about 15 feet of snow in June?  Utah knows."  A hydrologist for the National Weather Service noted “The snowpack we have right now is 525 percent of normal.”  One ski resort, Snowbird, plans to stay open through July 4th, perhaps longer.  
    Earlier in the week my home town of Minneapolis, a northern city, recorded a high of 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  That was 8 degrees warmer than the previous record high for June 8th, and only one degree shy of the all time highest recorded temperature for Minneapolis. On that day Minneapolis was the warmest location in the United States.  I've heard the terms "Global Warming" and more accurately "Global Climate Change" bantered about, and even "Global Weirding."  This week has me thinking of another descriptor, "Global Climate Strange."
    Pictures are from 5:30 this morning. Cool temperature combined with warm water created a mist or fog over the water 

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