Monday, June 20, 2011

Legacy funding benefiting the public

Cantus singing at Lake Harriet Pavilion
I witnessed Minnesota Clean Water Land and Legacy funding at work a couple of times this past week.

First with the fishing pier that was installed by Conservation Corps workers, which I described with an earlier blog.  Then, yesterday, Legacy funding supported a public concert of the singing group Cantus at the Lake Harriet Pavilion.

Huge crowd of all ages at Cantus concert
Cantus, an a cappella vocal ensemble, sang one of the most wide ranging repertoires I've heard in a long time. Their songs incorporated musical selections for a multitude of cultural heritages.  They did a magnificent rendition of a Johnny Cash song, "Ring of Fire" and a lovely, haunting "Wanting Memories" by Sweet Honey in the Rock. For the younger set they sang a Justin Timberlake tune. For those younger yet they piped out a spritely "Little Potato".

My parents enjoying the concert
What a beautiful public offering for Father's Day!  While there are many tax payers who don't believe that public dollars should go toward the arts, I'm not among them. Arts help us to fully experience our God given creativity and common humanity, and shouldn't be limited the the upper class.

In addition to music, public radio also provides a thoughtful, well researched news source, which seems to be sorely lacking elsewhere in American society.

Father and son


  1. Thanks for the blog! Do you mind if we add your photo of Cantus singing to our Facebook page?

  2. By all means, please feel free to add. Should you need, I also have more pictures.