Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The power of generations

Feeling the power
While enjoying a fabulous concert this past Sunday, it was also fun to observe the large crowd having fun at the park. My wife pointed me to a little Father-Son-Grandfather interaction just down the Lake Harriet hill from us.  It appeared that this little guy was having his first experience with a large yellow whiffle bat.

Initially he held the bat high over head. Perhaps uncertain about batting stance?  Or maybe he was gearing up, like a power hitter, motioning that he was going to slug the ball out of the universe.

Swing and a miss
Next the boy swung to the best of his ability at his father's gentle arched pitches.  Alas, to no avail.  Despite the enthusiasm, his timing was off.  The pitches went right by.  Swings were either too early or too late.  The big wide bat couldn't help timing.

Enter Grandpa to pitch and dad to help swing the bat.  First swing, sweet success.  A solid base hit!

Sweet success!
Sometimes takes more than two to get a hit. How much more powerful a learning experience with both pitching and batting assistance. Nice to see the power of three generations coming together to get a hit, on Father's Day no less!

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