Friday, June 3, 2011

New healthy diet imagery

Out with the old food pyramid and in with the new ChooseMyPlate logo. The US Department of Agriculture is updating its public awareness campaign to encourage Americans to eat nutritious meals.

Makes sense, doesn't it, to use a plate versus a beaker shape? The only ones that I know that eat out of a beaker are those crash test dummies employed for auto safety testing.

This new logo appears to be less complicated than the old pyramid.  Let's hope that it catches on and we will see a reduction in obesity.  I don't see any room on this chart for a large soda and Twinkie ;-)

Exercise is another important component of a healthy lifestyle.  First Lady Obama's "Let's Move" campaign is working on this.  I hope these campaigns catch on.  As most of us know from experience, it is difficult to change our lifestyle.  We've likely all heard of the person wanting so badly to lose weight that he would do anything... but change his diet or exercise.

A tip sheet to healthy eating is available on the web at ChooseMyPlate.

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