Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Conservation Corps help with fishing platform

Conservation Corps workers with additional neighborhood volunteer (center)

Doing prep work with Pulaski Ax
Yesterday a group of four young adults, working with the Conservation Corps, put in a great day's work, building a walk way down to Memory Lane Pond, in Crystal, MN.  The mission of the Conservation Corps is to provide hands-on environmental stewardship and service-learning opportunities to youth and young adults, and is part of the AmeriCorps.   Despite its track record of putting young people to work in service to the nation, AmeriCorps federal funding is endangered.

In addition to the four Corps workers one of the neighbors, Dave, also volunteered.  He's had experience with stone, and provided guidance and hands-on support.  

After a day of solid, quality work this group changed an eroded hill leading down to a fishing spot into a beautiful stone path and fishing pier.  

This project is part of a larger shoreline restoration demonstration effort at Memory Lane Pond Park, under the umbrella of the Crystal Fund for Community Progress

Path and pier nearing completion!

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