Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado hits close to home

Car crushed by fallen tree
Trees down
A couple of days ago just three miles from our home a tornado touched down in north Minneapolis.  It devastated dozens of homes and took down hundreds of trees. Amazingly only one person died and 30 were hospitalized as a result of the storm. Sadly one volunteer, Floyd Whitfield, died while helping out at a neighbor's home. Power to over 20,000 homes was knocked out.

Residents leaving
Damage to house from uprooted tree
I went over to the Northside yesterday morning to see if I could help. Volunteer efforts were being organized by Urban Homeworks.  Seems they were inundated with volunteers and unprepared for dealing with such a disaster.  Even though volunteers are "free" they still need direction and supervision.  With fallen trees, live electrical wires and the possibility of stepping on nails, etc. safety is also a major concern.
Tree top sheered off by tornado

Interested in volunteering or providing financial support? Given the initial outpouring of support, it was recommend that volunteers check back in the days and weeks ahead with Urban Homeworks.  Financial contributions to assist the victims are being managed though a variety of sources including www.GiveMN.org.

A look south from Lowry Avenue

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