Monday, May 23, 2011

Muslim friends, please don't stereotype Christians

Over the past few days I have gained a greater appreciation of the frustration Muslims must feel who have been stereotyped by the actions of a few fundamentalist on the fringes of Islam. 

First, a pastor is invited to provide a prayer for our legislative leaders at the State capital, who's message is so inflammatory of the president of the United States and a multitude of others that the entire episode is deleted from the records. 

Then, a Christian radio prognosticator indicated that at 6 PM on May 21st the Rapture would occur.  Bible believing Christians would be taken up to heaven and heathens would be left behind to face God’s judgment. 

Finally, Minnesota’s legislators were up until midnight over the weekend addressing how to put forward a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. Many of this group of politicians, most of whom would self identify as Christians, are holding a no compromise stance on raising taxes among the wealthiest Minnesotans, despite a huge budget deficit. 

As a Christian these events have me baffled. I learned Jesus was always welcoming outcasts and demanding we care for the most vulnerable among us. For those who have been given much he said much would be expected in return.  He demanded we care for the children and most vulnerable among us. Jesus was also clear that no one would know when the end would come. 

To the events of the past few days I can only say… Lord have mercy.

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