Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Immeasurable rewards of volunteering

Thank you cards from students
I just finished my stint of tutoring math with third graders at a local elementary school.  As is often the case, through giving I felt I received far more than I gave.  It was heartwarming to hear the kids collectively share their thanks and then to have one boy come over and say that "unlike the usual 'thank you' they really mean it."

Seems ironic that I tutored math, since it was not my strongest suit going through school.  I'm pleased to report that I was able to assist with the multiplication tables for kids who were a bit behind in their math skills.  Always good to teach the things you need to learn most, right?

It was awesome watching a skilled teacher work with a room full of active third graders.  As a first tier suburban school I was also surprised to see how diverse the student population was, with about half of the classroom being students of color.

The cards were all touching, even those from students whom I didn't tutor.  I also received a card and present of ice tea, glasses and napkins from their teacher.

After a closer examination of the thank yous I'm thinking next year I might want to tutor spellin.  I'm one of the best kreeativ spelores I no.

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