Friday, May 13, 2011

Sports cathedrals and hero worship

Watching ball game from last row
I attended my first Minnesota Twins baseball game at their year old multimillion dollar stadium, Target Center. It was amazing to be a part of the sell out crowd of 38,000 plus thousand for a Wednesday  midday game.

Turns out the free ticket that I received for the game was in THE very last row in center field.  It provided a great panoramic view of the proceedings.

Joe Mauer fan watching
the real Joe warm up
I was amazed to see how many spectators were wearing Twins jerseys with player's names emblazoned in large letters on the back.  Mauer and Morneau were the Twins players with whom most people chose to identify.

Seems we are living in a nation that loves sports superstars.  On the entertainment front "American Idol" is a popular television program that supposedly helps develop new idols.  Don't most monotheistic religions strongly discourage idol worship?

Older fans
I enjoyed taking the bus into the game.  It dropped me off within a block of the stadium.  It cost $1.75 going downtown, during off peak hours and $2.25 for the return trip home during rush hour.

"#1 Twins Fan" and "I love Justin" fan

Enthusiastic fans
MTC bus

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