Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fees in "public" education

Remember back when public education was free in America? As a Baby Boomer I do. Well, those days it seems are long gone. It now appears the majority of citizens are resistant to paying taxes for what used to be perceived as our common good.  An article, "Public schools charge kids for basics, frills", in the Wall Street Journal, by Stephanie Simon, notes just how expensive it can be to have a child in the public schools.  Ms. Simon cited how one Ohio family paid nearly $4,500 in fees for classes and school activities for their three children enrolled in the public school. Welcome to the world of no new taxes and increased fees!

As noted in an early blog entry, Extracurricular activity fees in schools, our family discovered a plethora of  activity fees for students attending our public school. All of these activities were free back when Baby Boomers, such as myself, went through public school. I shamefully have to admit that the Baby Boomer generation may be the most affluent, greedy and selfish generation in American history.

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