Friday, January 7, 2011

Walking with Mahalia Jackson and the Persusions

Pedestrian bridge over Highway 100
In my effort to drive less I walked to a meeting at church last night, listening to Mahalia Jackson (Gospels, Spirituals and Hymns) and the Persusions (Sunday Morning Soul) on my iPod.  I rarely listen to an iPod when I'm outdoors, however, since it was dark and cold I thought it might lighten the mood.  It did the trick.  I now better understand why these portable  devices are so popular.  IPods are small, yet produce amazing sound. 

Snowy view of Bassett Creek Park from bridge
Despite the allure of MP3 players, such as the iPod, I still prefer to be aware of my surroundings when I'm out walking, running, skiing or biking. For safety purposes it helps to have clear hearing, so as to be aware of oncoming vehicles, etc.  Being outdoors also provides time to simply think and dream without disruption, and during the warmer months, to hear the sounds of nature.

So, while it was great walking with Mahalia and the Persusions, I'm going to be relegating my time with them primarily to time indoors.  I think that they might like that best too!

PS  Thanks to the planners that included a pedestrian bridge over Highway 100 when it was last reconstructed.  I enjoyed the use of the bridge on my walk to church. It gets used by many pedestrians and bikers who often come to enjoy the park.

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  1. Wow Dan, within the past week, I put Mahalia's (You'll Never Walk Alone) on my turntable within the past week. Is that synchronistity?

    I don't need to buy any CD's to listen to Mahalia... She is an artist that I have included in my record collection.