Friday, January 21, 2011

Stressed and overwhelmed, you're not alone!

Even world economic leaders are becoming confounded as to how to handle the multitude of challenges confronting them. An article from Reuters, "Davos meeting faces global burnout threat", suggests three primary risks for discussion at a meeting in Switzerland later this month with some of the world's powerful corporate and  political leaders:

1. Economic, such as fiscal, trade and currency problems
2. Raw materials, particularly the impact of rising energy costs and dwindling water supplies on food prices;
3. Illegal trade, corruption and failed states.

The article went on to mention the growing economic imbalances occurring between and within nations as also being a threat to economic stability. The rapid growth in world population and the potentially devastating impact this will have on the environment was not mentioned. Tragically, environmental costs have historically been left out of corporate economic equations.

In talking with a friend recently we were perplexed by the current economy within the US.  The instability with the stock market, decrease in home values, and low interest rates make for difficult investment decisions.  This coupled with job instability,a skyrocketing national debt, greater economic disparity between the "haves" and "have nots", and seemingly unending increases in health care costs, one has to be a bit concerned about the nation's economy. Sadly, many are now finding themselves jobless and homeless.  An article in the StarTribune noted this past year in Minnesota over 70,000 residents received pre-foreclosure notices.

There seem to be no quick or easy answers. Rather than focus on the vast problems we're facing on the global front it seems we each must consider how to live, to be the change we want to see in the world.  When we transform and renew ourselves and our family, change can ripple out from there. We can also write our elected representatives. Even if they don't change their vote, it is therapeutic to know you've said your peace.  Becoming overwhelmed and burned out won't help.

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