Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Less social through social networking?

I listened to a show on MPR with an author, Andrew Keene, who suggested social networking is actually making people less deeply connected with others in their community. While the number of far reaching contacts has increased, the depth of these relationships is not as meaningful as relationships established through long-term, face to face, relationships. He suggested that people don’t have the attention span or interest to commit to community. Instead, they’re always in motion, flitting from one community or network to the next. The diminishment of service clubs and long-term commitments to church and places of employment  leads to fewer long-term relationships.

If you've ever witnessed a group of young people sitting at a table all texting on cell phones, it does make one wonder about technology's impact on social skills.  Seems like something of a paradox that we are becoming less deeply connected through this rapid rise in "social networking".

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