Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting off the Internet and outsourcing self-control

Author Katherine Ellison decided she needs tools from the Internet to keep her from being distracted by the Internet.  She wrote about this in an article, Hooked on the Internet, in the LA Times.  Ellison knows first hand how distracting and addicting the Internet can be, without some sorts of controls. As Stephen Covey has so eloquently described, often the urgent signals we get from phone calls and emails take our focus away from more important daily or long-term goals. 

Charles Hummel notes "The vital task  rarely must be done today, or even this week.  The urgent task calls for instant action. The momentary appeal of these task seems irresistible and they devour our energy. But in the light of time's perspective, their deceptive prominence fades. With a sense of loss we recall the vital task  we pushed aside. We realize we've become slaves to the tyranny of the urgent."

The marketing communications giant JWT has dubbed 2011 as the year to watch for 'outsourcing of self-control'. In their list of 100 things to watch in 2011, JWT noted the following at #25... "Studies showing the benefits of taking time away from the multi screen environment are encouraging people to de-tech for hours; even days at a time.  Look for more employers, schools, media outlets and parents to endorse media downtime.  These mindful  breaks from digital input will be intended to relieve stress and foster creativity."

While the Internet is a powerful tool, it can easily become addictive.  Here's to a balanced 2011, on and off the net!  I'm heading outside for a walk...

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