Thursday, January 6, 2011

Practicing good nutrition & active lifestyle

Skier at Theodore Wirth
With the start of the new year, Newark, New Jersey's mayor, Cory Booker, has publicly pledged to change his lifestyle in order to to lose 45 pounds.  As an Honorary Vice-Chair of the Partnership for a Healthier America he realizes despite the hectic schedule and daily stresses of his work he needs to take better care of his own health.  He then referenced the following story about Mahatma Gandhi. 

A woman waited in a long line with her son to see the Mahatma. When she finally got her audience, she asked him to speak to her son. You see, Gandhi was known to emphasize dietary discipline and her son’s health was deteriorating due to the amounts of sweets and sugar he was eating.

“Mahatma, would you please tell my son to stop eating sugar.”
Gandhi looked at her with sympathy and compassion, looked upon the boy as well, and then shook his head and said, “I will not.”

The woman protested, and began to ask Gandhi again, but Gandhi raised his hand interrupting her and said, “Please, come back in two months and ask me again.”
 Disappointed, the woman left

Two months later she returned with her son and made her plea again, “Mahatma, please tell my son to stop eating sugar.” This time Gandhi got up from where he was seated. He reached out his hand, touched the boy on his shoulder, and said, “My son, you must stop eating sugar.

The boy was obviously affected by the great Gandhi touching and speaking to him. The mother was overjoyed and profusely thanked Gandhi and then turned to leave. After a few steps, she stopped, turned around and said, “Great Mahatma, I am so thankful, but I am confused. Why didn’t you just tell my son to stop eating sugar two months ago?”

Gandhi looked at her kindly and said, “Because two months ago, I was eating sugar.”

Sledding sculpture at Theodore Wirth
He also reference the following observation made by James Baldwin: “Children are never good at listening to their elders but they never fail to imitate them.”

If you are interested in following Mayor Booker's progress, he will be posting it on his Facebook page, using the slogan from the White House's campaign "Lets Move!".  His first lifestyle commitment is not to watch television, unless he's working out on his stationary bike. 

You go Mayor Cory Booker!

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