Monday, January 31, 2011

Thinking green on a snowy day

Seed packets and planting strips
Despite the fact it will be at least a few more months until spring planting arrives here in the northern climate of Minnesota, I couldn't help but purchase a bunch of vegetable and flower seeds for the garden.  You see, the seeds were on sale, along with seeding soil and biodegradable grow strips.  I purchased the whole lot for under $20.  That's cheap therapy to fight the winter blues.

Speaking of gardening, I'm also working with a friend who leads a local 4-H group to plan a garden collaboratively between our church and the 4-H participants.  We're applying for some start-up funding from Hennepin County. Additional clearance will be needed from the church council.  Initial indicators have all been positive from conversations with the property committee co-chairs and the pastor.  I'm pretty jazzed about this idea.

The church has a long, terraced stretch of lawn, about 8 feet wide that gets a lot of sun.  I'm thinking we would need to put in a garden fence to keep the rabbits out, along with a drip line watering system to keep the plants watered over the summer months.  In addition to planting, weeding and harvesting, we would also like to make this an educational opportunity for the 4-H group, helping these young people to learn about eating vegetables and proper nutrition. 

I'm thinking green thoughts as I look out the window at the lovely falling snow!
Back yard garden

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