Monday, January 24, 2011

More reasons to drive less

Additional reasons why we might all consider spending less time in our cars, or ridding ourselves of them all together, from Divorce your Car.

One who prefers to "hoof it"
A study by Donald Appleyard showed that as vehicle trips on a given street went up interaction between neighbors went down. 

A car dependent society doesn't allow our elderly to operate independently with safety.

Simply by sitting behind the driver's seat can turn otherwise charming people into scowling,quick-tempered road warriors.

"The modern sedentary lifestyle is a kind of toxic intervention... very much like a slow infection that gradually creates discomfort, disability, and finally, disease... The leading edge of that intervention was the automobile."  The "convenience" of cars reinforces our addiction to them; the less we leave them, the less we are able to do, as the sedentary lifestyles cars support allow our muscles and our motivation to atrophy. Distances once considered  walkable have shrunk  tremendously since the car literally swept us off our feet.

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