Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bur oak impressionist and humorist?

Recently I found myself gazing in amazement at a piece of oak.  It got me thinking of how much the swirls just under the oak's bark reminded me of an Edvard Munch, or perhaps a Vincent Van Gogh  painting.  I'm thinking these painters may have been "Bur Oak" impressionists.  (laugh here)

Did you know...  "The word Baroque was initially used to imply strangeness, abnormality and extravagance, applying more to art than music." (Thinkquest)

I guess because Munch and Van Gough were so much on the cutting edge of Bur Oak impressionism they weren't able to sell their works of art at the much higher prices for which they should have been valued. Thus, like so many artist, that's why they were always brrrrroke. (no need to laugh here)

Don't people who try to make punny jokes make you want to scream?

I'm on my way to becoming a Baroque humorist.

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