Friday, August 13, 2010

Runin' in the rain

When's the best time to get something done? Generally I think NOW.

Just after I had my shoes laced up to go for a run this afternoon it started pouring rain. My first reaction was let me wait for another time. Then, I thought a moment and realized it could be pretty fun running in the rain.... bringing me back to my old college running days at Luther when nothing would stop us track and cross country boys from our training runs.

Turns out it was a blast running in the warmth of the day and the refreshing rain. I even saw about a 10-12 year old boy having fun riding through a big puddle in the street. Not to be outdone I found a puddle or two of my own to splash though. What fun.

Earlier this week I rented a log splitter during a couple of the hotter days of the summer. I could have waited, but I had the time and that pile of wood was bugging me. Got though it. And just I had imagined, lost some pounds in the process. No worse for he wear in the long run.

When is the opportune time to get something done? Why not now?! The barriers that often present themselves can often make things more interesting and almost always lead to a great sense of achievement when we've completed our project.

The rose below is from the Beltzer Rose Garden at Bassett Creek Park. Nice contrast to the picture above. And let me assure you, it smells better too ;-)

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