Monday, August 2, 2010

Electronic construction of reality

I was thinking... dangerous I know... about an existential question, that being "what is real?" I've always believed that "reality television" is anything but. It appears to be staged with beautiful people in contrived situations and carefully constructed outcomes. Pretty bogus, right?

Then I got to thinking about perception being reality. So, if we have viewers who actually watch and believe these shows, doesn't that then become their "reality", as disturbing a thought as that might be?

So much of what we now see on the Internet and commercial television is staged, photo shopped images, and edited to be quick, easy and sexy. This is not at all like most of our realities, which can seem by comparison boring, difficult and mundane.

In nature there is a slow progression of seasons. As any farmer knows, one can't expect to harvest a thing without the considerable work involved in preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, tending to the plants, weeding and harvesting. Without steady commitment and often tedious work, a harvest simply will not come.

It seems we're now living in an artificially constructed world of quick and easy, filled with flash and get rich quick promises. This simply seems out of rhythm with the natural order. While it might be a new "reality" for many, the sustainability of this beguiling electronically reality seems suspect. I bet nature will win out in the long run.

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