Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wood splitting

All of yesterday I worked with my wife and daughter and a 6 HP wood splitter to get through this pile of ash. Finished just in time to vote in the primary election at 7:55 pm. As predicted, it was a great weight loss program. By the end of the day my dirty jeans were sagging big time.

While splitting wood I was amazed at how difficult the ash was to split. Makes sense that it is used for baseball bats. I have a greater appreciation of where the expression "a pain in the ash" comes from. I'm feeling pain all over this morning.

One of my heroes, Abraham Lincoln, was a wood splitter. After he helped to clear a farm he joined forces with a cousin, John Hanks, and split 3,000 rails to fence some neighbors' land. I have an even greater appreciation for Abe after yesterday. It is pretty amazing the hard work pioneers did clearing land and cutting lumber without tractors or chainsaws. I'm in awe.

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