Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pleasant surprises and lessons learned

Rear view of Red-tailed hawk in flight
Look around back yard
Red-tailed hawk flying past firewood
The weather forecasters were predicting rain yesterday. My cousin Rob and I had planned for a 30  mile bike ride in the early morning. We decided to go ahead with our plan. Well, it rained 8/10ths of an inch around 3 in the morning, but by 7 am we were off on what turned out to be a totally rain free ride.  Lesson learned, don't  put your life on  hold because of a weather forecast. (editor's confession; we both had rain gear packed just in case).

Later in the afternoon I took out my camera to snap pictures of some tall grass we have growing in the front yard when, no sooner than I had my camera out, a Red-tailed hawk flew right by me and into our back yard.  I switched lenses and was able to capture a couple of action shots.  Lesson learned, be prepared to change plans. Often things can go even better than expected, but we need to be willing to adapt to the change.

Grass enjoying a "rainy day"

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