Friday, August 27, 2010

Expediency versus quality

In my morning walk around the park I chatted with a friend about the abbreviated format of communication that has now become common via texting and social media. While these new formats are certainly expedient, they often lack the depth of thought characterized by handwritten letters or even the abilility to hear the nuance of feelings and thoughts via interactive phone calls.

Later in the morning, while washing windows, I discovered my expedient method of rinsing the screens with a strong flow of water provided a much inferior end result to cleaning them with a brush and then rinsing. That extra step of brushing removed much of the grime a quick rinse failed to clean.

I'm championing us all to consider taking time to do a quality job and allocate the additional time needed for good communication. The most expedient methods are not aways the best. In this world that only seems to be going faster, we can choose to slow down.

Okay, this has been a nice break from the window it's back at it, but not before a quick riddle that I fabricated while kayaking about someone trying to do things fast.

Q: You know what they call a person attempting to quickly run away from a hungry bear?

A: Fast food.

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  1. I miss these kayaking jokes, Dan. Especially the riddle about a speed bump and three skirts - hah! Thanks for brightening the day with your blog! - Jenn