Saturday, January 28, 2012

Military needing to hold bake sale for bomber... NOT

Headline news is that the United States military has made a small step to reduce its 2013 budget by proposing to congress a 1 percent decrease in spending ("Pentaagon to trim budget for first time in decade").  This would bring the Pentagon's budget down to $525 billion dollars.  They're not likely to be holding bake sales for the purchase of bombers just yet. 

One of the erie aspects of the new military is the increased use of unmanned vehicles, such as drones, that can attack an enemy without risking the lives of US troops.  Some consider the use of drones to be unethical and illegal. Utilizing drones in countries where we are not at war is a point of concern for at least one former US government official...

“I think they do, because you cross a border and you go into a country with whom you are not at war under any definition known to man of war and you start to kill people with military implements and in some cases with military people pulling the trigger or pushing the button,” said Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief-of-staff for Colin Powell.

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