Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enjoying record breaking 52 degree day

Snow boarding fun
Yesterday afternoon, when the weather warmed to 52 degrees Fahrenheit, people were enjoying the artificial snow at Elm Creek Winter Recreation Area in Maple Grove.
Nordic ski race

Given the extremely mild winter we've had thus far, some of the city lakes still have areas of open water. Global weirding is alive and well.  While many are thankful for the lack of snow and mild weather, those who work in industries that rely on snow are hurting big time.  An article in the StarTribune, Minnesota businesses are seeing red ink in brown winter, discusses some of the impact of the warm dry winter.

One outdoor winter enthusiast, Alison Gannett, has even started "The Save Our Snow Foundation", to demonstrate solutions to climate change that can be cost-effective, reduce pollution and increase energy security, while also saving our snowpack and our planet's ecosystems.

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