Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dramatic difference in perspective

I love foggy mornings.  So, it was a great pleasure this weekend to paddle a canoe in the dense fog of a Wisconsin lake.  As you might imagine, the lake was considerably warmer than the cool 45 degree morning air.  My primary mission was to take a picture of the sun burning through the fog, which I captured above.

On my paddle back from the morning shoot I was fascinated by the dramatic difference between a clearing view of the shore, facing west, and the foggy scene of the rising sun over the lake.  I took the following to pictures within a minute of each other, and the difference is dramatic based simply on the direction of focus.

I wonder how much time I'm inadvertently focused on the fog versus seeing the clarity that comes from facing another direction, illuminated by the light?  Gentle readers, please don't answer this question for me ;-)

Foggy view into the sun

A view facing west, away from the sun

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