Thursday, September 9, 2010

Benefits of airing out laundry

An article in the StarTribune noted how most Chinese, even the affluent, are resistant to using clothes driers to replace drying their laundry outside.  Even though the government mandated its citizens not to dry their laundry outside in Shanghai, during this summer's World's Expo, most of the people didn't stop this practice.  My wife can attest to this, as she witnessed many clothes out on lines during her month teaching in Shanghai this summer. You can spot laundry on the porch, pictured at left, of an apartment building in Shaghai. With limited space for drying, many in Asia wash their clothes on an almost daily basis.
Pictured below is our laundry line, which we use regularly throughout the spring, summer and fall months.  One of its unique features is that it's retractable.  Thus, the line can be pulled out only when needed.

Some of the benefits to line drying laundry outside:

1.  Fresh smell of clothes, towels, sheets, etc.
2.  Saves resources, no gas or electricity involved!
3.  Easy on the clothes - no tumbling needed
4.  Sunlight leaves the clothes cleaner
5.  Connects us to the outdoors, especially good for those of us who spend most of our time inside.

One great reason you might not want to air out your laundry would be if its dirty... but then why would anyone want to air out dirty laundry?

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