Thursday, November 22, 2012

Walmart strike

Did you know that many Walmart employees are going to be striking tomorrow, aka "Black Friday"?
Sadly many of the employees are treated poorly and are not making a living wage or have the benefits upon which they and their family need for a healthy and respectable life. I would encourage you to view a brief video"Stand with Walmart Strikers on Black Friday."

How bad is it working for Walmart?  Did you know that the average full-time associate makes about $15,500 a  year.  Despite those low wages the company is even pushing more of their employees to permanent part-time status.  This is in stark comparison to the heirs to the Walmart fortune, who have a combined wealth of $93 billion... more than the bottom 30 percent of Americans combined (Making change at Walmart.)

With the huge vast of money spent by some billionaires in the election to get rid of government subsidized health care it seems it would have been better spent directly on employee health care benefits by those same plutocrats. If corporations don't want the government involved in the health care industry they need to be providing affordably cost benefits.

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