Saturday, November 17, 2012

Climate change is real!

 Dr. Gene Takle (right) and I (left)
I rode my bike yesterday to hear the director of Iowa State University Climate Science Program, Dr. Gene Takle.  He spoke spoke on "Responding to Climate Change: Avoiding the unmanageable and managing the unavoidable."

He noted the catastrophic impact a rise in temperature of 2 degrees Celsius would have on the world.  It took over 18,000 years for the earth to rise 8 degrees Celsius, which moved us out of the Ice Age.  We've already risen 0.6 degrees just since 1900.  We must work diligently to avoid dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.  To do this will require us to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions down to zero by 2070.  We've already lost half of our sea ice in the past 40 years.

In addition to global warming there is now a tendency for the springs to be wetter, falls drier.  We will continue to experience more extreme floods and droughts and weather events. The stratosphere is getting cooler while the troposphere is warming.

Scenery along the bike trail
When asked about what we can do as individuals to address the serious nature of climate change Gene's first response was VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.  Isn't it amazing that we have politicians who refuse to address the issue of climate change?  He also suggested we consume less.  The things we consume all emit pollution; including the production, use and disposal.

One of the benefits of riding my
bike to Dr. Takle's presentation was
seeing wildlife along the way
In addition to being an environmental role model, Gene Takle is also a running hero of mine.  In 1965 he won the national Division II cross country meet, while a student at Luther College.


  1. Dan,
    I was once accosted by two wild turkeys, while riding my bicycle. I passed the turkeys up by 15-20 yards, stopped pulled my camera out of the camera bag inside my messenger bag. As I did that the turkeys looked first at me, then at each other, and started trotting towards me...
    I took the pictures I wanted to, and went to get back on of my bicycle, The turkeys seemed to be hungry, and Wanted to be fed, I had no food for them, so they made threatening gestures as I tried to get back on my bike...
    It was only when a car came along the road that the turkeys turned their attention away from me, and I was able to escape...
    I wanted to file a police report, after all I had photographs of the perpetrators... I had tried several techniques that were recommended for black bears.... The Hand gestures the loud voice and Even the Airhorn didn't seem to phase them.... Beware of urban turkeys...


    1. Quite a story. This gobbler was alone, so not as much of a threat. It actually seemed pretty nervous. Maybe something to do with Thanksgiving coming up next week?