Saturday, November 10, 2012

Testosterone trouble?

Pond Cyclops
An interesting commentary by David Morris suggests that many large institutional problems  may the the result of too much testosterone e.g. male leadership.  In his article, Intolerant? Intemperate? It's the testosterone, Mr. Morris notes examples of questionable decisions made by such institutions:
  • The Vatican (focusing on opposing contraception and same-sex marriage)
  • Boy Scouts of America (banning a boy from becoming an Eagle Scout because of his sexual identity, in stark contrast to the Girl Scout's policies)
  • Iceland's bankers who lead the collapse of its three main banks (this is being corrected by female leadership)
  • Wall Street wheeler and dealers who ignored and chastised concerns about a possible economic collapse raised by a female head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Booksley Born).
This editorial doesn't discuss the decision to go to war in Iraq, which undoubtedly also suffered from an  unfortunate testosterone imbalance.  


  1. In another example The Vatican and Boy Scouts and College Athletic Programs all have issues with the abuse by people in authority of those coming to them for help.. I think that there needs to be a balance of both Male and Female energy to keep a balance. In the new Millennium it would be Wise for all involved to work to find a new Paradigm. :-)

  2. Right, perhaps the Chinese had it right with the concept of yin and yang.