Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day rebooted as Generosity Day

Serving line volunteers

If  you haven't yet heard, there is a movement underfoot to transform Valentine's Day into Generosity Day! Little did I know this when I volunteered to fill in for a church member on February 14th to make a meal for those in need c/o Loaves and Fishes at River of Life Lutheran Church in north Minneapolis.

The goal of Generosity Day is to encourage all to give of themselves freely to those who come their way... by leaving generous tips, volunteering and or simply connecting with those who we might otherwise avoid.

Volunteers from Valley of Peace Lutheran
at Loaves and Fishes
After helping to cook and serve the meal at Loaves and Fishes I sat down with a couple of gentleman who had earlier been served.  Our conversation drifted into religion and specifically observance of the Sabbath Day.  I was blown away by the passionate discussion of faith and theology by these gentleman shared. Simply judging by their appearances I would have never guessed to be as theologically well read and passionate about their faith.  Once again, just went to reinforce that sage advise that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover.  Just imagine how people must have judged John the Baptist, who wondered in the wilderness in his camel hair clothing.  It was this very John the Baptist Jesus chose to officiate his baptism.

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