Friday, February 3, 2012

Awe inspiring International Nordic Paralympic Games

Canadian skier following guide
Polish champion
I was thrilled to observe the final day of the International Paralympic Nordic Games  held at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. Skiers from many countries were competing in the following three race categories:

  • Visually impared
  • Standing (competitors with some form of physical disability, but who are able to stand on skis)
  • Sitting (amputees or athletes with paraplegia)

Much to my surprise I discovered that one of the Norwegian skiers was from Stord, the same island in Norway which was the home of some of my ancestors. 

Some of the Norwegian contingent
This visually impaired skier from Canada was following her volunteer guide.  The race guides all had microphones and speakers to communicate with the skiers behind them in order to provide direction regarding turns, hills and the like.  Unbelievable balance, strength and skill was demonstrated by these skiers.  Awe inspiring!

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