Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Speaking truth to power

At church this past Sunday we began a study on the amazing life of Martin Luther, a founder of the Protestant reformation. Despite the unquestioning authority demanded by the Pope and the Catholic Church, he followed his heart and mind, and by so doing dared to question the sales of indulgences, among other things.

Yesterday I read a daring article, "What to do about Rick Santorum? by Brian Rosenberg, the President of Macalester College.  Despite the potential fall out by wealthy donors to the college he felt personally and professional responsible to speak out regarding remarks made by Santorum that questioned the value of science in the area of the global warming debate and who also suggested higher education is an indoctrination mill and harms the country.

You may or may not agree with such rebels as Martin Luther or Brian Rosenberg, but I think you must, in some way, admire their conviction and willingness to take significant risk based on their firmly held religious and educational convictions.

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