Friday, February 17, 2012

Creating lasting positive change

Volunteering together at food shelf
Instead of seeking happiness after we've become successful, we're more likely to be productive if we develop habits that build happiness which in response lead to greater effectiveness.  This concept was articulated by Shawn Achor in a Ted video "The happy secret to better work".  With a positive brain our our dopamine level increases, which in turn causes a rise in our intelligence, creativity, and energy levels.

How is it that we can create a mindset of happiness?  Mr. Achor notes the following methods utilized to creating lasting positive change:
  1. Three Gratitudes (write down 3 new things for which we are thankful for each day, 21 days in row)
  2. Journaling - writing about one positive experience over the course of the day
  3. Exercise - releases dopamine into the brain 
  4. Meditation - helps to counteract over our cultural Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
  5. Random acts of kindness - e.g. daily write a positive email to someone your work/support circle

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