Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lyndale Park Rose and Peace Gardens

Hats of to William King and his wife Caroline who donated the land on the shores of Lake Harriet, Lyndale Park and the King's Highway.  In 1883 he lead the charge against considerable resistance in the creation of the Minneapolis Park Act.  After the approval of the Park Act by referendum Mr. King had the following to say... The intelligence, the pride, the public spirit and the humanity of our people have at last been vindicated. That mean, wicked and cruel spirit of selfishness and greed which for so many years has obstructed and defeated every effort to endow our city with public parks, has, at length, been overcome by the uprising and better sentiment and nobler spirit of our citizens.
Only count the sunny days ;-)

11:00 on the sun dial, an accurate reading

Cone flower heads in winter mode
Peaking through the snow

Waiting for spring

Beautifully awaiting spring...

More information about the history of the Minneapolis Parks is available on the internet at "Parks, Lakes, Trails and So Much More: An overview of the histories of MPRB properties. "

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