Thursday, February 9, 2012

End of peak oil and transition towns

How do we transition from peak oil to a future with less oil?  According to Rob Hopkins, who is the founder of Transition Towns, suggests that the future with less oil could in fact be preferable to where we are now. A 52 minute YouTube interview  with Rob Hopkins describes the concept of Transition Towns.

First step is to develop awareness of peak oil and the need for a transition in the community. The process requires engagement of the different sectors to develop a sense of resilience to withstand shocks/disasters.  Local food production is a key component of Transition Towns.  

One of the questions raised is how we can retrofit and rethink suburbia?  This may involve utilizing the land for producing fruits and vegetables and redesigning large homes for multiple dwelling places.

Mr. Hopkins suggests that as environmentalists we need new tools in addition to activism, protest and lobbying to make the significant change.  Internet communication and the utilization of research from field of addiction.  Our addiction to oil requires a sense of urgency and an action plan.  

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