Friday, March 7, 2014

Resurrection through Electro Shock therapy

"There is recovery, there is redemption and there is resurrection."  This is the conclusion of surgeon, author and speaker, Sherwin Nuland, who recently passed away at age 83.  You can hear his amazing story on a TED Video, of how he made a dramatic reversal in his life's downward spiral.  

Earlier in his life he was moved to a Psychiatric Hospital, while suffering from server depression and obsessional thinking.  It was only after a series of 20 electro convulsive shocks that he was able to regain his life, remarry, restart a family and redevelop a successful surgical practice.  

During this season of lent, which culminates in a celebration of resurrection, it is interesting to hear of a life that was literally redeemed and resurrected. Miracles do happen. Sometimes they involve prayer, but other times jolts of electricity.

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