Monday, March 3, 2014

Minnesota Foodshare Month

Did you know that March is "Minnesota Foodshare Month"?  The Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches sponsors Foodshare in order to promote donation of funds and food to food shelves across the state.

While working at Second Harvest Heartland I've learned how much farther a financial gift to a food bank can go, over the donation of food.  Thanks to the generous volunteer involvement and donation of food, a $5 donation is able to purchase food enough for 18 meals through Second Harvest.  Even as a coupon clippin' dollar stretchin' kind of guy, I can't come anywhere close to purchasing food for that cheap.

It is estimated that even in our nation's breadbasket that 1 in 10 Minnesotan's is food insecure.  That figure is as high as 1 in 6 among our state's young people.  If you have food or finances to spare, this is a great month to consider a donation!

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