Thursday, March 6, 2014

Religious people behaving badly

In today's paper I read about Christians in Mbaiki, a town in the Central African Republic, who want all of the Muslims to leave their community (In Central African Republic, faith can be a death sentence).  A lynch mob murdered the town's deputy mayor.  Another article noted that an appeals court is requiring the local Archbishop to testify in a clergy abuse lawsuit (Appeals court: Archbishop must testify in clergy abuse lawsuit). Elsewhere one can read about Christians being killed because of their faith by Islamists in Nigeria (Nigeria's Boko Haram targets Christian town and fishing village in latest attacks).

How tragic it is when people become so zealous for their religion that they seek to kill and drive out others who don't share their beliefs, or don't discipline their leaders when they're abusing children.  These actions are anathema to the core message of peace and understanding, central themes for most all religions.

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