Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beautiful birds... National and Baseball Symbols

Cardinal, Namesake of the St. Louis Cardinal's MLB team
While on a trip to St. Louis I was pleased to find some beautiful birds along the way.

This cardinal, to the left, was perched at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Even though it was off season, the garden was was an interesting place to visit.  It included many indoor exhibits as well as few outdoor gardens that weren't quite ready to pop up and turn green just yet.

As we headed home we stopped by the Mississippi river town of Dubuque, Iowa. After turning back from a trip to Eagle Point Park (closed for the winter), we drove down to the river to explore.  It was still mostly iced over.  Then, much to our surprise an American Bald Eagle flew nearby and landed on the icy river.  I got a few shots then off it flew.  Wow, what a majestic bird and fortuitous visit!
American Bald Eagle, USA's national bird

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