Monday, February 25, 2013

Water concerns for lakes and wells

 Water and ice
An article, Minnesota draining its supplies of water, in the StarTribune, pointed out personal and business use of water is causing wells to run dry and some lake levels to drop.  This is of particular interest to me, serving as a commissioner for the Bassett Creek Watershed.  We've had numerous discussions about one of the lakes in our region that has had lower than usual water levels.  It may well be that this is the result of it being drained thanks to the impact of many wells around the lake.

The problem with drawing considerable amounts of water from wells is that it depletes the aquifer. Aquifers are often not fully recharged when wells are used, since after the water is used it is commonly discharged into rivers, which runs the water out of the region. A graphic in the StarTribune helps illustrate the problem, Graphic: A future of water shortages.

Some consideration is being given to pumping treated water back into the aquifer. It is likely that the state will have to create greater restrictions on water usage in order to avoid depleting future groundwater supplies.

An interactive map of Minnesota's water levels is also available on the web, Interactive map: The state of Minnesota's groundwater.

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