Thursday, February 21, 2013

Firewood and wood burning stoves

Splitting wood
Perhaps my love of firewood and wood burning stoves is genetic, stemming from my Norwegian ancestry.  I enjoyed reading an article in the New York Times, "Bark Up or Dow? Firewood splits Norwegians", about the popularity of burning wood in Norway.  Seems there is considerable controversy about whether or not the wood should be place bark up or down when it is stacked.

Our dog also loves the wood buring stove
We've got a Jøtul wood burning stove that we enjoy immensely throughout the fall, winter and spring months.  Radiant heat is wonderful.  I also like the experience of cutting, splitting and stacking firewood, most of which comes from trees around our block.

There is nothing much more relaxing than sitting by a warm blazing fire in the cool of winter reading a book or simply watching the fire burn.

By the way, I'm mainly a bark side up firewood stacker.

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